PSO-RITE: The Ultimate Massage Tool?

Do you have a tight psoas, shoulder, hamstring, glute or another muscle that you just can’t get to with a lacrosse ball? Can’t justify opening the wallet to see your favorite massage therapist every time you have deep muscle pain? If so, the PSO-RITE may be a recovery tool you need to add to your arsenal.

I’ve been troubled with insanely tight hips, glutes and lower back ever since I injured my L4-L5-S1 area several years ago. I’ve had hundreds of chiropractic adjustments and massages, have done endless yoga poses, foam rolled, sat on everything from a lacrosse ball to a kettlebell and there are just some spots I couldn’t get to release. While I love getting adjustments and massages, I just can’t justify the expense considering the frequency I’d need to be pain free. Running about the same cost as a hour massage, I figured I’d give the PSO-RITE a shot. I’ve now had it for a little over two weeks and while it hasn’t been the proverbial magic bullet, it has quickly become the first tool I use when I’m trying to get a stubborn muscle to release. I’ve definitely had success with the device’s namesake as well as varying levels of release in the glutes, lower back and hamstrings. I’ve not been very successful using the device on anything upper body as I just can’t set up on it comfortably where I can relax.

Made of ABS plastic, the unit is designed to be strong, durable, and take a beating while mimicking the hand and elbow. In my opinion, it’s much more elbow and it gives you a rigid, hard, and deep sensation on contact like a massage therapist’s elbow does. That pro can double as a con depending on the muscle you’re wishing to work and the rigidity can be a bit breathtaking if you don’t use the device carefully. Also, while the device depth is a pro for certain muscles, it can also be a con as it can make for an awkward position. I’ve found using additional tools in conjunction can lessen that a bit though. For example, when I want to hit my hamstrings, I’ll sit on a foam roller to make sure I can get a worthwhile angle. If you’re unsure how to use it, the company has put multiple instructional videos up on YouTube like their quick introductory video below.

MY VERDICT: All in all, I don’t think the PSO-RITE is the “ultimate massage tool” as the company’s marketing materials claim, but it is definitely a good tool to have in your recovery tool chest, especially if your issues stem from the deeper, hard to reach muscle groups. My biggest complaint is the price tag at $80. At that price point, I’d like to see them add in their smaller version but if you’ve got psoas problems, you probably can easily justify the price. We’ll see how my opinion develops as I’ve had more time beating myself up with it.

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